Dance classes  in
Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Folk
for children and adults

Here is what I offer you or your child:

Group and Individual Approach

High Energy Classes

Positive Teaching Style

I pay close attention while each individual student accomplishes tasks and masters dance techniques. At the same time, I help the participants in each of my classes to coalesce as a group. My goal is always that my classes become a group of friends working together on dance routines, compositions, and enjoying dance games.
I lead and build each class at a brisk pace where one movement or exercise follows another. Each class is full of creative games and fun dance moves, and is stimulating from beginning to end!
When I notice that my students are close to acquiring one movement, I praise and encourage them by inviting them to try a new, more difficult movement. I do this even with 2-3 year-olds.

Introduction of Basic Techniques

Instructor Participation


I introduce my students to basic techniques so that at the end of a session each participant has acquired the basic knowledge of a particular dance style.
I do all dance routines along with my students. This way I know when to have a fun break from the routine and when to pick up the speed, and when to switch from one routine to another.
In each class, using group dance games I create an atmosphere where students get to know each other’s names, become quickly and easily accustomed to my style and set of techniques, and are relaxed and eager to participate.


Safe Props

Creative Classes

I have designed my dance programs to be fun and entertaining for all participants – adults, girls and boys, and even for parents and friends who wish simply to watch!
In my dance classes I use props that are without sharp edges or poky tips. This makes for a completely safe and comfortable dance experience.
I make my classes interesting as well as fun. Everyone, child or adult, can learn basic dance routines through games and guided theatrical play. 

Children and Adults Leave My Classes Happy

Parents in the Classroom

Each class is like a fun performance!
I welcome parents in the classroom. Teaching dance classes for more than a decade has shown me that it is a positive experience for children to have their parents present when they dance. It helps children to be focused and instills a sense of performance.

Children benefit from feeling that their parents and other adults are proud of them!

Parents can see up-close on a weekly basis how their children develop dance skills. They can provide their children with support during a class.  

Parents can observe "routine movements" and help at home when their child practices or simply shows them what they learned in class.